Microgreens are the Greenest Choice

undefined MICROGREENS:
Our microgreen farm is solar powered!  
Our subscription based model helps us avoid the use of single-use containers all together! We don’t use any single-use plastics, including those deceiving compostable plastic containers that use “greenwashing” advertising techniques. In reality, they require special industrialized composting methods that are not available to regular consumers like you and me!
We utilize an energy efficient LED grow lighting system on our vertical farm. We grow hundreds of units of microgreens per week (more than a thousand at any given time!) in less than 300 square feet of space, minimizing HVAC requirements!
According to Idaho State University, we are utilizing up to 236 times less water to grow our vegetables, when compared with traditional farming methods. We use ONLY filtered water from the Rocky Mountains to grow our microgreens!
undefinedLAND USAGE
Our eco-friendly vertical farm is located in Wellington, Colorado! Vertical farming maximizes the use of a limited land area, which can reduce deforestation and desertification due to agricultural encroachment on natural areas!
Because our microgreens are grown in a controlled hydroponic environment and harvested young, there is no need for fertilizer, pesticide, or other chemical additives! That makes our product “organically grown” AND all of our seeds are non-GMO!

Our hydroponic system is also extremely cost effective, and we pass those savings on to you by keeping our prices extremely low! We challenge you to find a better price on microgreens (living OR dead) in Northern Colorado. (spoiler alert: You can’t. ❤)

We are Northern Colorado’s year-round superfood! We deliver microgreens to Wellington, Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, Niwot, Boulder, Erie, Louisville, Lafayette, Westminster, Greeley, Johnstown, Windsor, Timnath, Eaton, Ault, Severance, and more each and every week of the year! We’re sprouting up everywhere! We started growing in 2013, specialized in microgreens in 2019, and we are going strong in 2022!

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